Put a powerful tool in
your employees’ hands
Collect, measure and analyze important data from physical shelves in real-time through our smartphone app
Intuitive, easy to use app
Employee sign in
Pick a store
Clear and simple UI for in-store scanning
Real-time results
Simple, fast & accurate

With our app, you get a clear understanding of what needs to be done to arrange the shelf as planned.

The phone screen becomes the guide for the day-to-day work, offering results in zero-time, with an easy-to-use interface and an Augmented Reality view. It can be simply installed by running the application and the app can be used without an internet connection or in “flight mode”.

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All the information you need
  • On-Shelf Availability
  • Out-of-Shelf / Out-of-Stock
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Store Managers / Executive reports
  • Dashboards
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