A New Vision
for Retail
Harnessing the power of computer vision and AR to enable a more efficient and profitable retail environment
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Arpalus is a game-changer in the retail market
providing a simple, powerful and accurate way for CPGs and retailers to collect, measure and analyze important data from physical shelves in real-time through a smartphone app.
Immediate product recognition followed by actionable insights for the employee
Industry leading
Up to 1 week
onboarding time per category
No connectivity
scan without a data
About our technology
We raise the red flags
so you don’t need to
  • Independently analyze your OOS and share of shelf without
    depending on retailers
  • Attain greater efficiency and better organization
  • Get the right information, see trends, plan better
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Optimize in-store operations and
product availability using edge
devices to increase visibility,
efficiency & revenues
  • Reduce employee time in front of shelf
  • Reduce OOS
  • Reduced costs when compared to other solutions
  • Restock on-time, improve availability and compliance metrics
  • Gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions
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See retail differently with Arpalus
  • Reduce missing products and avoid out-of-stock
  • Manage your stock from the shelf all the way back to your warehouses
  • Control and understand the situation on the shelf at any given point
  • Measure metrics such as number of facings, share of shelf, and planogram compliance
  • Receive dashboard updates with real-time reporting on a product-by-product basis
  • Understand what is not working and make decisions with maximum confidence
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