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In-store Intelligence Using AR

01 / iAR-Planogram

We are building iAR planograms together with you (Interactive Augmented Reality Planogram), these can be viewed by shoppers by only using their smartphones (App and mobile web)

Our automatic service allows defining and creating any size of planogram combined with any article setup & modules (pricing, signage, promotions etc.) needed

02 / Distribution

Once an iAR-planogram is ready, we define the campaign and distribute to customized audiences


These audiences can be targeted using a link that is provide in our platform or by integrating our dedicated SDK into your app.


This option allows an efficient targeting capabilities and better understanding of shoppers' behavior.

03 / Predictive Analysis

We collect unique and authentic data sets based on shoppers' behaviour and save it to a dedicated cloud storage, that is shared only with you


We then analyze the data and provide unique insights, allowing you to take better decisions, increase potential shelf revenue, and cut costs.

One can manage dozens to hundreds of tests efficiently directly from our dashboard and see live results instantly


Meet ARpalus


We are a passionate team with deep experience in the fields of AR, AI, and predictive analysis, and fuse them to the retail space. 

Our number one focus area is user experience by mitigating offline to online.


We're backed by fortune 500 retail and data companies, that believe in our vision, product and in solving critical problems in the retail space, using advanced technology.


After working with top retailers and CPG manufacturers around the globe, we are familiar with the problems and hurdles in implementing innovative technologies that eventually drive more efficiency and revenues.


We're creating a platform that helps retailers and CPG manufacturers in performing a better store innovation.


Our vision is to build the most reliable and scalable platform and help our customers make data-driven decisions using a new way of obtaining and analyzing predictive data.


The crossroad of data, smartphones, and shoppers creates an effective tool when used right.


Our platform is based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology as we build planograms in AR.
We then distribute and collect unbiased and unique data.

Then we use our data analysis algorithm to create heat maps and use AI infrastructure to define what works best and suggest more actionable insights.

Linking between offline to online using a strong data driver made by real shoppers, is our secret [authentic] sauce 


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